Group Life

Update - If you were unable to be in church on Sunday 7th April, please listen here to the latest on groups that could be available soon.

 Small Group Changes 
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Got an idea for a small group? Let us know about it by filling in our Small Group Idea form.

At Opendoor our small groups are at the hub of our life together as a family. These smaller communities are the main way individuals get connected and form deeper relationships within the church. Small groups are also a place for growth, providing a context for individuals to develop in the ways God has gifted them and serving one another in practical ways.

We have 2 main types of groups: Community small groups and Missional small groups. Each of these have a foundation of discipleship including seeking God, building community and being on mission together. Both types of group aim to establish a healthy rhythm of UP: Connecting with God, IN:Growing in character and OUT: Reaching to those around them.

The main difference between Community and Missional Small Groups is the way they express the OUT part of their rhythm.

Community small groups gather primarily around relationship together and seek to equip people to be missional in the everyday, wherever they go.

Missional small groups gather primarily around a particular missional focus, which will be based on either PEOPLE, PLACES or PASSIONS. We currently have groups reaching out to Mums with toddlers, people with young families and men who play football. We are praying for many more groups like these to be launched over the coming season.

Our small groups gather midweek in various locations across the town and surrounding area with some meeting more regularly than others. Community small groups tend to cover UP, IN and OUT on most occasions when they meet, whilst Missional small groups are likely to cover UP, IN and OUT separately, depending on the focus each time.

Times for doing UP and IN together will include things like applying Sunday preaching to our lives, allowing space for discussion and time for prayer. There will also be opportunities to worship Jesus in creative ways.

Whilst the midweek meetings are important, the life of a small group is by no means limited to this. Our groups are designed to reflect the model of community that we see in the early church where believers shared daily life together in a real and meaningful way.

Our desire is that everyone who comes to Opendoor will get connected to bothSunday services and small group life so they can experience a genuine sense of community and form solid relationships with other members of the church.

If you would like to get connected to a group, please contact us.