Open Door Church has an exciting and growing youth work for our local teenagers. Aimed at school years 7 - 13,  our young people meet every Friday night at the Open Door Church Centre to take part in various activities that alternate each week.
First of all we have our youth social nights, running from 7:15 - 9:15, where our young people can come to a space where they can chill out, play games and make lasting friendships. These incredible nights of fun will also have varying activities each time such as group games, movie nights or even occasional trips out.
On other Fridays we gather our young people with the purpose of teaching them more about Jesus and bringing them deeper into what God has for them. This is known as Youth: Small Groups, also running from 7:15 - 9:15, where the young people can worship God, hear more about him and discuss this is small groups with their friends.
Lastly we gather the young people on Sunday morning, after worship in the main service has finished, giving them great teaching on the bible from our amazing youth leaders every week.

The youth team are all police checked through the criminal records bureau and go through our own child protection policy.