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We are in our series on emotions and today we're looking at Anger (Part 2).

We all have emotions, it's part of who we are and how we're made. We can experience lots of different emotions - sometimes all in one day! There are times when we are happy, sad, angry, afraid, anxious and lots more. Whether we are having a great time or we are hurting, God teaches us in the bible how it's ok to have emotions and we can learn how others used them and learned more about God through them.


icon-media1  Worship
Today's worship song is God is always with us by Planetshakers.


Icon-bibleToday's bible bit is from John 2 v 13-22  
God has given us emotions and anger is one of them. 

icon-speech (2) Talk it over

God can change our mad emoji-2762568 1280 (5) to glad emoji-2762568 1280 (4)!

Jesus was cross because people were using the temple to do their business instead of worshiping God. God wants us to do the things we learn about in the bible not just listen. Our anger can help show us the things that are not the way God wants them to be. The bible tells us to stand up for those who can't do that for themselves, to help the poor, to act justly and to do all these things in his love. It takes patience to control our anger but we will be more helpful if we can - no one listens to someone who's screaming!
Do you remember our top tips from last week?


Stop sign  Stop before anything comes out of our mouth - maybe count to 10 slowly in your head or on your fingers. 
prayer emoji  PRAY - tell God how you are feeling and ask him to help you
air-1295106 640  Take a big breath in and then let it out really slowly - do this 5 times.
  volume   Listen to the whole story, let someone explain and you may not feel so angry
icon-speech (2)  Talk it through with a parent or someone you trust who will listen and help 


In the bible it says: ' A gentle answer will calm a persons anger. But an unkind answer will cause more anger.' Proverbs 15 v1

If we can keep calm and respond to people with kind words and in a loving way, that will help everyone to calm down. It doesn't mean we agree with what they're saying or that they are right, but it does mean that we can help each other to talk in a better more helpful way.

It's also like the story of the wind and the sun. The wind blows and creates a storm to try and get the man to take his coat off but the man just holds on to it tighter. The sun come out gently and slowly, as it becomes warmer, the man takes off his coat. Let's be like the sun and not like the wind - gentle and warm hearted to all those we meet. You can see the story here:

Remember, it's not wrong to feel angry, it's a part of who we are and one of our emotions. But let's handle it well, take it to God in prayer and help others too. 


 parent png Parents  

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