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Hi ODC Kids! We miss not seeing you, but we hope you're all well and enjoying being at home with your families Smiley face

It's almost Easter and this Sunday is known as Palm Sunday. We'll see why it's called Palm Sunday in our video today. Palm Sunday was a day when Jesus was celebrated as he entered Jerusalem. Let's celebrate him now using the worship videos below - enjoy! 


icon-media1 A worship video to watch here and another one if you want to here

Icon-bibleBible Bit:
 It can be found in your bibles Luke chpt 19 v.28-44. Click the icon icon-media1 to watch the video. 


icon-speech (2)Things you could chat through about today's topic:

Imagine the scene on Palm Sunday – Jesus is riding into Jerusalem. A whole multitude of his followers are singing his praises.
The people of Jerusalem rush out to see what is going on. The leaders are not happy but are powerless. No one can stop this procession.

What choices could Jesus have made now? Could he have gone on to become King? How would he have done that?
If he had used his power, could anyone have stopped him becoming King?

Do you know the choice Jesus actually made? Why did he choose to do that?

Ask the children how the disciples and Jesus other followers would have felt when Jesus rode into Jerusalem?
What would they be expecting to happen next? 

Jesus did not want to be the King in Jerusalem for the rest of his life– he had a bigger and a better plan to be King of the whole world for ever!

Home 2   Craft

In the story, the religious leaders told Jesus’ followers to be quiet but Jesus said, “If they keep quiet, these stones will start shouting.” (Luke 19:40). Why not make some shouting stones! Choose a pebble - you can get them from outside  (ASK YOUR PARENTS FIRST) – make sure your stone is clean (you may need to wash it) and dry. Add some eyes, you could stick on googly eyes, or draw/paint on some eyes,  then add the rest of the face – including a big open, singing mouth using felt tips or you could cut one out of paper and stick on. You could add a paper tab writing the words  “If they keep quiet, these stones will start shouting.” Luke 19:40’ on it and stick it to the bottom of your pebble.



Lord Jesuswe know that you are to be praised. We thank you Lord for all you have done for us and for the way you love us. Help us to praise you always, when things are really good and even when things are not so good.  Amen

  Gift Competition Time! 

Well done to all those who took part in our competition last week. Thank you to everyone - your pictures are amazing! In the end we had 5 winners! Please see all the winning entries below. 


image0 20200401 161748 ezra 3 Picture2 JUCI6991

 heart Other Cool things to do at home .....
    ♦ Why not build a den - have a camp out in the living room?
    ♦ What about creating a giant play mat - big sheets of paper of cardboard,
     draw your own town/ countryside with roads and trees and rivers etc.
    You could then add lego buildings, train track, cars, animals and people?
    ♦ Invite your family to a quiz night - you could make up the quiz, give them funny activities to do and make invitations to for them.

While we've all been kept in our homes together this is just some fun from the Rend collective - click the icon to enjoy! icon-media1 (you may need some space to jump around!)