Current Series

Luke - sure and certain
Here you will be able to find the sermons that relate to our current Preaching series. Once the series is over the downloads can be found by visiting our media archive.

To watch the video Rebecca Betts mentions in her preach on Sunday 5th May 2019, please go to


 Current Series 
Vision Sunday
Ian Hoile, 13/05/2019
Fix your Eyes on Jesus
Becky Betts, 05/05/2019
Be sure and certain that everyone can be saved
Pete Collins, 28/04/2019
Unexpected Discoveries
Ian Hoile, 21/04/2019
Luke's Invitation to love Jesus
Chris Jarvis, 14/04/2019
Jesus in the Garden
Chris Went, 07/04/2019
The Last Supper
Chris Jarvis, 31/03/2019
Don't Just Say it Live it
Ian Hoile, 24/03/2019
The Feast of the Spirit
Chris Jarvis, 10/03/2019
True Power & Authority
Ian Hoile, 03/03/2019