Current Series

For the Glory of God - LV1 - l
Here you will be able to find the sermons that relate to our current Preaching series. Once the series is over the downloads can be found by visiting our media archive.

 Current Series 
Invitation to Repentance
Chris Jarvis, 23/09/2018
Sure & Certain
Ian Hoile, 16/09/2018
Higher Vision
Chris Jarvis, 09/09/2018
Sacred Pathways - Caregivers
Tony owers, 02/09/2018
Sacred Pathways - Worship
Craig Betts, 19/08/2018
Sacred Pathways - Contemplative
Anne Harding-Bell, 12/08/2018
Sacred Pathways - Intellectual
Pete Collins, 05/08/2018
Sacred Pathways
Ian Hoile, 29/07/2018
A Church Family Loving One Another
Olly Cole, 15/07/2018
Marriage for the Glory of God
Chris Jarvis, 08/07/2018