Building Kingdom: Creating Legacy:

Persistent Prayer - Who are you consistently praying with and who are you consistently praying for?


Prayer is a key part of what we're doing this year as church family. Let's pray like we believe prayer changes things!

Our goal is that 100 people will sign up to be praying regularly for ...

* 3 PEOPLE (ANY 3 people you want to commit to pray for)
* 2 PASSIONS (anything you are interested in church or outside - so it could be kids, youth, worship, CAP, foodbank, Infuse or your local school, a club you're part of, your workplace, your Sunday league football team - whatever excites you really)

* 1 PLACE (St Neots and the surrounding areas)


If you want to be 1 of our 100 please sign up using the form below! 



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