If you are keen to have an impact in your workplace and want some teaching and encouragement in this then please come and join us on Saturday 1st June.

This is open to everyone who does work, whether that be in industry, the classroom, hospitals or clinics,  in the office or bringing up a family at home and on the school playground. If you are retired you can always be an encourager and bring your experience to help others. We can all bring Jesus into the places we are and be people who influence and change culture.

We are delighted that Ros Turner, the Director of Operations at Transform Work UK (and a former member of open Door Church) is going to join us. Ros has exciting stories to tell of Christians making a difference in the workplace and particularly has a heart for Christian workplace groups.  

We will also have some inspiration from people in Open Door Church who are working out their walk with God in the workplace and will have time for discussion and fellowship. One of the repeating comments shared by those who have so far been part of Kingdom@work meetings on a Friday morning is how good it is to have the chance to spend time and get to know some different people across the church, so if you feel you want to know some more people in the church why not come along.
Saturday 1st June
The Open Door Centre, St Neots Road, Eaton Ford
1:30pm to 4:30pm
We will serve refreshments part way through the afternoon.
There is no cost to this event but we would like to bless Ros with a gift so if you would consider a donation towards her work that would be appreciated.

If you are coming please sign in below so we have an idea of numbers. Thank you.


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